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Last updateJue, 27 Sep 2018 9am


TODAY: Students to Protest Corporate Women’s Conference for Awarding Abusers of Working Mothers

This past school year, a series of reports from human rights groups exposed violations by Sodexo of its workers’ human rights in Colombia, the Dominican Republic and in campus cafeterias and stadiums in the United States. This spring, 71 students from five universities were arrested during acts of nonviolent civil disobedience, after a 2-year campaign urging Sodexo to end sub-poverty wages and fierce crackdowns on workers who speak out against sweatshop conditions.

The abuse continues. Just last month, Sodexo outright fired workers in the Dominican Republic after they demanded payment of illegally withheld wages they needed to feed their children. In Colombia, after a worker raised concerns with Sodexo management, an unknown man called and threatened to “cut out his tongue” unless he stopped talking about problems with Sodexo.